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Eli Broad View of Mayoral Authority Over Public School Education

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Thursday, August 30, 2007

“… The current mayor, though elected with Broad’s support, is not exactly his favorite.

Broad and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa disagreed about how best to assert mayoral authority over Los Angeles schools, with Villaraigosa joining with the teachers union in backing a proposal that would give him partial control over the Los Angeles Unified School District. Broad believed that a stronger measure was needed, and complained to friends that Villaraigosa had sold reform short. (Villaraigosa’s proposal, meanwhile, won legislative approval, only to hit the rocks in court. As a result, it has never been implemented, tacitly vindicating Broad’s opposition.)


Los Angeles Unified School District prevailed twice in court, securing two rulings that found the state education bill that Mayor Villaraigosa won in the Legislature last year was unconstitutional.”


(DBB Note: The California State Supreme Court overturned this attempted Mayoral takeover of Los Angeles public schools. Still, Eli Broad wanted total Mayoral control of public education and had a public disagreement with Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa because the Mayor made a compromise agreement with the state legislature for only partial takeover – and even that so-called partial takeover was found to be unconstitutional by the California State Supreme Court. Eli Broad of the Broad Foundation clearly supports Mayoral control of urban public school districts. This is a position against the independent oversight of public education by democratically elected school boards.)


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