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Dallas ISD Facilities/Bond Date Meeting Adjourned Without Official Board Decision

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dallas ISD Board Meeting JackLowed …

The local news headline was “DISD postpones vote on school construction bonds”…

This is not a factually accurate statement.

The same news account states: “Trustees did not vote Tuesday…”

If Trustees did not vote, what official Board action postponed the vote?

What actually happened is the full Board took no action at all – to postpone or not postpone a vote.

Jack Lowe, Board President of Dallas ISD, in effect postponed the potential bond election date on Tuesday without an official decision or proper deliberation by the full Board.

Eric Anderson, COO-Business Services Division, first indicated that Craig Reynolds, local architect, was appointed by Jack Lowe to the Facilities Task Force. He further indicated that Craig Reynolds was appointed Committee Chairman by Supt. Michael Hinojosa, a position he also previously held during the same process conducted before the 2002 Bond Program.

After the Facilities Task Force update report was completed by the Chairman Craig Reynolds, Jack Lowe abruptly adjourned the Board meeting.

There was no motion to adjourn made or requested from Board members sitting as a quorum.

The Board was not asked what action it wished to take on the Facilities Task Force update report – if anything.

Instead, there was just a quick and unexpected adjournment by the Board President.

Trustee Lowe, acting as Board President, has no authority to arbitrarily end a called Board meeting without allowing full Board decision-making regarding the agenda item.

The rights of each Board member to represent the citizens who elected each of them (even those who might not care about making Board decisions properly) were violated by this unexpected adjournment with no clear Board decision.

Decisions of the Dallas ISD Board require formal action (not assumptions or private belief) – even if the decision is not to decide.

The public interest in democratic decision-making was not well served by this arbitrary action by the Board President.


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