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Dallas Trinity River Class Warfare! Ruling Class Announces Its Team – Will Money Or Merit Prevail?

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Thursday, August 16, 2007


The Money Team ( Vote No! Save The Trinity Committee)


The Merit Team (TrinityVote.com – Angela Hunt)

Trinity River Vote Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Three Mayors, Dallas’ two State Senators, and 14-of-15 current Dallas City Councilmembers

pledge to move Trinity project forward

DALLAS – Three Mayors, Dallas’ two State Senators and 14-of-15 current Dallas City Council members will lead the campaign to defeat the Trinity referendum, which will go before Dallas voters on Nov. 6, 2007. By defeating the referendum, plans for the Trinity River Project, which were approved by voters in 1998, will move forward as scheduled.

“The current design of the Trinity River Project represents the best of all worlds,” said Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert. “We can use bonds with state and federal funding – and deliver to taxpayers the most value for new roads to reduce traffic and air pollution. At the same time, we’ll add parks and green spaces for families and promote economic development for Dallas’ southern sector.”

Mayor Tom Leppert and former Dallas Mayors Laura Miller and Ron Kirk will serve as the campaign’s Honorary Chairs.

Campaign Co-Chairs are Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Elba Garcia (District 1), Councilmember Pauline Medrano (District 2), Councilmember David A. Neumann (District 3), Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway (District 4), Councilmember Vonciel Jones Hill (District 5), Councilmember Steve Salazar (District 6), Councilmember Carolyn R. Davis (District 7), Councilmember Tennell Atkins (District 8), Councilmember Sheffie Kadane (District 9), Councilmember Jerry R. Allen (District 10), Councilmember Linda Koop (District 11), Councilmember Ron Natinsky (District 12) and Councilmember Mitchell Rasansky (District 13). Also, State Senators Royce West and John Carona have pledged their support, signing on as Co-Chairs as well.

In addition, papers were filed today in the City Secretary’s office naming Ron Steinhart as Treasurer of the Vote NO! Save The Trinity Campaign Committee. `

Carol Reed Associates has been tapped to manage the campaign and will lead a veteran team that includes Allyn & Company and political consultants Brenda Reyes and Willis Johnson.


Becky Mayad 214-352-1881

Cell 214-697-7745



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Representative Davis to host District 111 Community Forum & Health Fair

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Friday, August 10, 2007

Representative Yvonne Davis would like to invite constituents of District 111 to participate in the District 111 Community Forum & Health Fair on Saturday, August 18, 2007. This event will provide constituents the opportunity to gather at one location and register for services offered by various State agencies, participate in health screenings and also speak with representatives from utility companies regarding provider services. The Community Forum & Health Fair will be held at Concord Missionary Baptist Church in the Fellowship Hall, 6808 Pastor Bailey Drive, Dallas, Texas 75237 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM.

Representative Davis has invited a number of State agencies including the Texas Office of the Attorney General, Texas Health & Human Services Commission, Texas Department of Insurance-Division of Worker’s Compensation, Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services, WorkSource for Dallas County, Texas Workforce Commission and the Child Care Group, to answer questions and to sign eligible constituents up for state programs. In addition to the state agencies, Representative Davis has invited a number of utility companies including AT&T, TXU and ATMOS Energy, to participate in the Community Forum to answer any specific questions or concerns constituents may have regarding their accounts. This year’s event will coincide with the state of Texas’ Annual Sales Tax Holiday which is effective August 17-19, 2007. Representative Davis will provide the first 200 school age children with backpacks to assist with their back to school efforts.

Health screenings such as blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, diabetes, mammograms, sickle cell, prostate (must be 38 years or older) and Hepatitis C will be available for constituents. Participants should not eat at least 6 hours before a glucose screening. Those individuals seeking a mammogram must be 35 years of age or older, last mammogram has been more than one (1) year, must bring picture identification, proof of Dallas county residency and (if applicable) Parkland clinic card, insurance information, Medicaid letter/Medicare card. No cost mammograms, for those who qualify (Dallas county residents). Please contact (214) 941-3895 to register for mammogram screening and eligibility.

Participants will also have the opportunity to sign up for a discount drug prescription card offered by Together Rx Access. For more information contact Representative Davis’ district office at (214) 941-3895.


For more information call:
Claude Spivey @214-941-389

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Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert Leading In The Wrong Direction

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Thursday, August 2, 2007

It is important to lead in the right direction.

Against great odds and tough tactics, Dallas citizens have called for an election on the proposed Trinity River toll road.

Mayor Tom Leppert decides – No, not if I can use the power and authority of my office to stop it.

A visionary Mayor would embrace the Trinity River Vote as an opportunity to make his case on the merits. That would promote the health of the city and lessen toxic ill will.

Instead, Mayor Leppert and other powerful interests are seeking to ‘smear’ the Trinity River Vote grassroots campaign and will likely lose.

It is an effort unworthy of a leader confident of the merits of his case.

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins is already upset that his office has not actually received from Mayor Leppert and the City of Dallas any so-called potentially fraudulent Trinity River signatures to review.

“This to me, on the outset, looks like someone is trying to determine the outcome of this election. It’s unfair”

Even when the items are received by the District Attorney Craig Watkins’ office, the odds do not appear to favor sufficient evidence of fraud to invalidate the vote – since the only thing that really determines the outcome is whether sufficient signatures exist or not – in spite of whatever appearance of further incidental fraud or mistakes can be found by virtue of such a review.

Mayor Leppert is failing his first test of providing new city leadership.

This ‘smear campaign’ is a crass diversion of the city’s time. energy and resources.

It provides cover for what appears to be designed to suppress successful democratic action taken by many thousands of Dallas citizens acting in good faith.

It is likely this effort will fail and there will be a vote on the Trinity River toll road.

Leppert’s Choice: Lead the city forward toward fairness and inclusion of all community stakeholders or backward to the old school of hardball control at any cost in the interest of certain unfair and undemocratic agendas.

This is old Dallas not the new one promised.


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10 Best Cities For African Americans

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dallas placed fifth on the BLACK ENTERPRISE’s  Top 10 Cities for African Americans in 2007, above Houston and Atlanta.


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Dallas Council PTA Charter Removed

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Wednesday, August 1, 2007


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Mayor Tom Leppert’s Trinity River ‘Fraud Card’

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To Debate or Destroy

It appears Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert has chosen to play the ‘Fraud Card’ in his first public effort to attack the outstanding success of the grassroots brigade in forcing a vote on the monster toll road planned for the Trinity River Project long after Dallas voters first approved the bond program.

This action speaks volumes.

Instead of accepting the certification of his own City Secretary’s office, Mayor Leppert has immediately launched a counter attack that seeks to smear the grassroots community effort with so-called ‘fraud.’

More than the intended purpose of discrediting the just released City Secretary’s Certification of the success of the petition drive, the action speaks volumes about Mayor Leppert’s agenda to destroy rather than debate the praiseworthy citizen effort on the merits.

And that is more than a shame.

It is an assault on citizen democracy that suggests a clear and present fear that fully informed voters might indeed disagree with a monster toll road being forced on their Trinity River park development long after they first approved it with little or no disclosure of such a toll road.

If the proposed toll road truly has winning merit, what is there to fear?


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Trinity Petition Victory For Democracy in Dallas

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Monday, July 30, 2007

The certification of the Trinity River Vote initiative by the Dallas City Secretary is a big win for for democratic participation of voters in Dallas. Not only was the petition drive a great success for the grassroots effort undertaken against great odds and powerful interests, but it establishes a clear call for voters to decide what they value most.

The African American community of Dallas might be a potential source of victory or defeat for the planned toll road inside the Trinity River Levees.

More is at stake than the utility of a road or the beauty of a park.

The most important thing is the right of everyday citizens to make the decision.

And that is now a victory that has been rightfully won.


(DBB Note: A well deserved victory for Dallas City Council member Angela Hunt, the grassroots brigade and the citizens of Dallas, Texas.)

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