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Sandy Kress – ‘It’s Getting Pretty Late’ For No Child Left Behind

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Saturday, August 11, 2007

From Congressional Quarterly:

Complicating the lack of movement are significant policy debates that have emerged between Republicans and Democrats, particularly over the weight standardized testing should be given in determining adequate yearly progress — the centerpiece of the law once expected to be President Bush’s domestic legacy.“I think it is getting pretty late,” said Sandy Kress, who served as a special adviser to Bush in 2001 and is largely credited with bringing various parties together to pass the original law.

Now lobbying for a coalition of business interests, Kress said the shortened time frame, the complexity of the issues, disagreements over key aspects of the law and a more partisan mood on Capitol Hill have dimmed the prospects for renewal.

“I think these are the more serious issues, rather than the president’s effectiveness,” Kress said.


(DBB: Sandy Kress, the former Dallas ISD Board President and number one ‘Test and Punish Advocate’ (accountability), has been enriched greatly as a lobbyist hawking No Child Left Behind to ‘business interests.This ‘Test and Punish Act’ should be abolished and replaced with real education centered legislation that is free of ideologically driven hidden agendas.)


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