Dallas Black Blog


The Thoughts of Chairman Clinton

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Thursday, August 9, 2007

… In the presidential race, Mr Clinton is a more than loyal husband and advocate for Hillary: one can take his line as the opinion of the Clinton camp, with some variations. If he thought that his wife’s position were weak, he would not dream of saying so.

… Mr Clinton now sees himself as “the most conservative liberal who has ever been President”.

… In the US, as in modern India, political dynasties have become very powerful. If Hillary Clinton wins in 2008, she could very possibly win again in 2012; by 2016, America would have had members of the Bush or Clinton family in the White House for seven terms, or 28 years. In the 20th century members of the Roosevelt family served in the White House for six terms, or parts of terms. After the Roosevelts, there was the Kennedy dynasty, which had immense influence, though two assassinations held them to a single term in the presidency.



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