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Obama to Vibe: Rap Creates Own Reality

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Sunday, August 5, 2007

Associated Press

NEW YORK — Barack Obama is now officially hot — he’s on the cover of Vibe magazine.

In a profile for the 14th anniversary issue of the music and lifestyle glossy, the Democratic presidential candidate clarifies his views on rap. Though he had a high-profile meeting with rap star Ludacris last fall, he was also quoted by The Associated Press in April as saying that rappers were “degrading their sisters. That doesn’t inspire me.”

Obama told Vibe that he was misquoted — he was talking about the culture as a whole, not rappers in particular.

“I stand by exactly what I said, which was that the degrading comments about women that (radio host Don) Imus said is language that we hear not just on the radio, not just in music. We ourselves perpetuate that, and we all have to take responsibility for that.”

So why put a politician on the cover of a magazine that had 50 Cent fronting last month’s issue?

“Because for the first time since VIBE was launched in 1993, a political figure has burst on the scene and fired up young people in a major way,” Vibe editor in chief Danyel Smith said by e-mail. “Because regardless of who wins the election, the Senator will have inspired many new voters to the polls. Because Obama is frank, brilliant, vibrant, and not cynical — all things that make him a perfect VIBE cover.”



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