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Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert Leading In The Wrong Direction

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Thursday, August 2, 2007

It is important to lead in the right direction.

Against great odds and tough tactics, Dallas citizens have called for an election on the proposed Trinity River toll road.

Mayor Tom Leppert decides – No, not if I can use the power and authority of my office to stop it.

A visionary Mayor would embrace the Trinity River Vote as an opportunity to make his case on the merits. That would promote the health of the city and lessen toxic ill will.

Instead, Mayor Leppert and other powerful interests are seeking to ‘smear’ the Trinity River Vote grassroots campaign and will likely lose.

It is an effort unworthy of a leader confident of the merits of his case.

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins is already upset that his office has not actually received from Mayor Leppert and the City of Dallas any so-called potentially fraudulent Trinity River signatures to review.

“This to me, on the outset, looks like someone is trying to determine the outcome of this election. It’s unfair”

Even when the items are received by the District Attorney Craig Watkins’ office, the odds do not appear to favor sufficient evidence of fraud to invalidate the vote – since the only thing that really determines the outcome is whether sufficient signatures exist or not – in spite of whatever appearance of further incidental fraud or mistakes can be found by virtue of such a review.

Mayor Leppert is failing his first test of providing new city leadership.

This ‘smear campaign’ is a crass diversion of the city’s time. energy and resources.

It provides cover for what appears to be designed to suppress successful democratic action taken by many thousands of Dallas citizens acting in good faith.

It is likely this effort will fail and there will be a vote on the Trinity River toll road.

Leppert’s Choice: Lead the city forward toward fairness and inclusion of all community stakeholders or backward to the old school of hardball control at any cost in the interest of certain unfair and undemocratic agendas.

This is old Dallas not the new one promised.



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