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Texas Court Denies New Bi-Lingual Education Claim

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Leading Hispanic civil rights groups – LULAC and GI Forum – represented by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund – filed a petition last year urging Judge William Wayne Justice to update the sweeping court order he issued 35 years ago that forced Texas to provide better education for limited-English proficient (LEP) students across the state.

Judge William Wayne Justice found no evidence to support the new claims:

“Problems for Hispanic high school students – including low test scores and high dropout rates – cannot be directly linked to the state’s bilingual and English as a Second Language programs, the judge said in 34-page opinion outlining his ruling.”

“…the court will not simply assume, without more evidence, that a flaw in the bilingual/ESL program is responsible for the under-performance of limited-English-speaking secondary students statewide.”




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