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Mayor Tom Leppert’s Trinity River ‘Fraud Card’

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To Debate or Destroy

It appears Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert has chosen to play the ‘Fraud Card’ in his first public effort to attack the outstanding success of the grassroots brigade in forcing a vote on the monster toll road planned for the Trinity River Project long after Dallas voters first approved the bond program.

This action speaks volumes.

Instead of accepting the certification of his own City Secretary’s office, Mayor Leppert has immediately launched a counter attack that seeks to smear the grassroots community effort with so-called ‘fraud.’

More than the intended purpose of discrediting the just released City Secretary’s Certification of the success of the petition drive, the action speaks volumes about Mayor Leppert’s agenda to destroy rather than debate the praiseworthy citizen effort on the merits.

And that is more than a shame.

It is an assault on citizen democracy that suggests a clear and present fear that fully informed voters might indeed disagree with a monster toll road being forced on their Trinity River park development long after they first approved it with little or no disclosure of such a toll road.

If the proposed toll road truly has winning merit, what is there to fear?



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