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New Dallas ISD Human Resources Director Accused in Iraq

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kimberly D. Olson – New Dallas ISD Human Resources Director selected by Superintendent Michael Hinojosa at a salary of $177,486.00 has no previous experience in Human Resources. She lives in Weatherford, Texas and was recently elected to the Weatherford ISD Board of Trustees in May, 2007, a position which requires her to live in Weatherford. Retired from the military in 2005. Participated in the 2005 Broad Center for the Management of School Systems, a training program to become an Urban Public School Superintendent.


The Christian Science Monitor reported on April 20, 2006:

Highly decorated Air Force Col. Kimberly D. Olson, one of the first female pilots in the Air Force, has been accused of profiting from the post-invasion chaos by using her position to benefit a private security firm that she helped operate,”

Pentagon investigators allege that while on active duty as one of the most powerful figures in Iraq, Olson established a US branch of a South African security firm after helping it win more than $3 million in contracts to provide protection for senior US and British officials, as well as for KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton Co. Olson, 48, has spent more than a year fighting the charges. In military proceedings last year, she denied abusing her position to enrich herself or the security company, but agreed to plead guilty to lesser charges. She was reprimanded and allowed to resign from the Air Force with an honorable discharge and no reduction in rank. Olson was also banned from receiving further government contracts for three years. She is appealing the ban.

… government investigators say Olson took advantage of her position for personal gain and made a mockery of US efforts to establish the rule of law in a country long ruled by corrupt autocrats. Olson is the highest-ranking US military officer to be accused of wrongdoing in connection with the reconstruction.”


DISD Could Hire Another Out of District Exec



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