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Judge Finds Officer ‘Not Guilty’ in New Orleans Brutal Beating of 64 Year Old Black Man

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Saturday, July 28, 2007

The choice: “Submit or be illegally beaten?”

See if your own eyes deceive you.

Robert Davis, 64 year old black retired school teacher in New Orleans, was beaten viciously by New Orleans police resulting in a broken nose and an eye fracture – after being taken down by four officers.

The officer’s defense attorney stated the severe beating was provoked. “People want to resist police. There seems to be a lot of it down here.”

Was Robert Davis an innocent man who just asked a question about the New Orleans post Katrina curfew – a question that outraged racist police officers ready to demand physical submission or else?

One Fox News analyst stated: “But when you think, If you’re getting beaten by four people, is your natural reaction to try to defend yourself and try to cover your face or take your two hands and put them behind your back?”

New Orleans Prosecutor Kate Bartholomew stated: “.. to injure Mr Davis like this was not noble.”

More Video Here


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