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Dallas Black Blog Endorses Million Father March

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Tuesday, July 24, 2007

by Joe Tave – 214-339-4799 – Dallas Organizer

Folks, Project organization is off and running. Efforts to get area ISD’s, interest groups, churches, Pastors groups, businesses, social groups, cities etc. involved have commenced.

Media blitz to take place shortly. If you will sign on as a supporter, endorser, organizer or underwriter, please contact me.”

This Project is more than worthwhile/needed. If you doubt it or just don’t care, trade places with me in my classroom just one day. I get cursed, threatened with physical violence, and more, just trying to teach. Often the school experience is negatively enhanced when mostly mothers, some times fathers, give to you the same prescription that the child gave. Seldom to never do fathers/grandfathers show, but when they do, they confront you aggressively angry, based on lack of facts or misinformation. Add to this fact that male students do not see or have adequate numbers of Black and Brown male teachers as role models, we don’t have a “social and educational crisis”, we are faced with a ” social and educational holocaust “.

This is not my project. I received information about “The Black Star Project”, based in Chicago, dared to ask what can I do make a similar difference in my city, and the “Million Father March” project was availed. The Project is well organized and laid out to a “t”, Mr. Jackson and his staffers, so those of you who care and will help, need but to talk-up and promote the effort.

Think about it. One father/grandfather taking his son/daughter to school 8/27, just might mean one less school discipline problem, one less drop-out, one less potential gang member, or criminal on the streets or one less teen pregnancy. 214.339.4799. Joe

(DBB Note: Joe Tave is to be commended for his volunteer efforts to support this very worthwhile community project.)


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