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Barack Dominates Debate

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Tuesday, July 24, 2007

From the Barack Obama Campaign

Barack Obama’s performance stood above the competition in last night’s debate as he continued to show the qualities that will make him a strong Commander in Chief.He displayed the judgment that led him to oppose the war in Iraq before it began and reminded the other candidates that the time to ask how we were going to get out of Iraq was before we went in.

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Barack dominates debate


Televised debates are notorious for rehearsed sound bites and canned answers. Barack demonstrated his leadership by speaking with passion and personal conviction about education, Social Security, and changing the way Washington works.

This morning’s news coverage declared Barack the clear winner of the debate. Here’s a sample of what they had to say:

Time and time again Obama sought to take specific questions and broaden them into a conversation over who represented real change in the field. He castigated lobbyists and special interests in Washington, offering a sweeping condemnation of business as usual (by both parties) in the nation’s capital. “We don’t need just a change in political parties,” said Obama. “We need a change in attitudes of the people representing Americans.”

— Chris Cillizza, Washington Post

We’re here with 24 Democrats, independents, who thought that Senator Hillary Clinton would be the best performer here tonight, but the results that we just got in, this is a focus group; show that Barack Obama got the most favorable in terms of the best performance from the 24 people who are here tonight.

— Mary Snow, CNN

Obama for America


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