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Wilmer-Hutchins Group To Restart Weekly Town Hall Meetings

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Monday, July 23, 2007

July 17, 2007 For Immediate Release:

Citizens to Restore Wilmer-Hutchins ISD will host one of a series of Town Hall meetings beginning Thursday, July 26, 2007 at Tommie M. Allen Recreation Center located 7071 Bonnie View Road Dallas, Texas 75241 at 7:00 PM. The group will use the Town Hall meetings to raise awareness on efforts they are using to reopen their neighborhood schools and to raise badly needed funds to pay attorney fees.

The group hired an Atlanta Georgia law firm to represent them in their case. That firm drew up petitions residents have been circulating for a show of moral support. The petitions will be submitted to the Texas State Legislature at a latter date. Any Texas resident can sign the petition and do not have to be a registered voter. The group hopes to get Texas lawmakers to support their cause.

“We are calling on all members of the community to join our movement as we work to bring back the “Hutch.” We’ve been in consultation with our attorneys and want to share that information with the residents. We will continue t o hold these again and again until victory in reopening our district” said Faye Gafford, Chairperson of Citizens to Restore Wilmer-Hutchins ISD.

In a March 21, 2005 letter to the Wilmer Hutchins board Texas Education Agency (TEA) Commissioner Shirley J. Neeley lowered the district from “Academically Acceptable” to “Academically Unacceptable.” However, in the same letter Neeley appointed a “Board of Managers” to run the district. That action violated Texas Education Code 39.131 (a) (9). The TEA code says, (an accused district must be given “a year or more” to challenge a lowered rating before a board of managers is appointed). Wilmer-Hutchins ISD was never given the opportunity to challenge the Neeley’s ruling.

Other Town Hall meetings will be held in the cities of Hutchins, Wilmer and Joppa neighborhood. Meeting dates and times will be announced in future press releases.

For more information please contact Faye Gafford at 972-225-3713 or fax 972-225-3521


One Response to “Wilmer-Hutchins Group To Restart Weekly Town Hall Meetings”

  1. viciomann said

    I am a resident of Houston.

    After reading about WHISD, I do not believe that WHISD should be reopened. Gafford, however, ought to press for opening new schools in the WHISD area. With the opening of the Dallas Intermodal terminal and the absense of WHISD, families will be more easily attracted to the area.

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