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Lew Blackburn’s Switch To Jerome Garza!

Posted by DallasBlackBlog on Friday, July 20, 2007

The Big Switch!

What is political integrity or the lack thereof at Dallas ISD?

After a month of behind the scenes jockeying by certain Anglo and Hispanic Trustees to deny Carla Ranger any position of responsibility on the Board, it appears Trustee Blackburn finally came to their rescue at the very last minute during the June 28, 2007 Board meeting held at Emmett J. Conrad High School.

Trustee Lew Blackburn had previously committed numerous times to nominate Trustee Carla Ranger for Second Vice President of the Board.

Lew Blackburn had already served in this same Second Vice President position twice before and had declined to be nominated for the same position once again at the May 24th Board meeting at David W. Carter High School by Trustee Leigh Ann Ellis – as did Trustee Ron Price after the same group attempted to use him for the same purpose.

Ron Price was actually absent from the May 24th Board meeting at Carter High but was elected Second Vice President anyway in a scheme by certain Anglo and Hispanic Board members. He was nominated by Jerome Garza. The next day Trustee Ron Price sent a letter of resignation to the Board President Jack Lowe – but also strangely recommended that the fully authorized position of Second Vice President be abolished.

At the May 24, 2007 Board meeting at Carter High School, Trustee Carla Ranger had nominated Trustee Blackburn for President of the Board because she felt he deserved the position on merit and Board experience.

Instead, Jack Lowe was re-elected and Trustee Carla Ranger voted for Lew Blackburn instead of Jack Lowe. It was clear Jack Lowe had the votes for President. However, Trustee Carla Ranger was not playing politics. She actually believed in Trustee Blackburn’s record of Board service and stood with him alone. No one else did so.

Her reward from Lew Blackburn for supporting him when no one else would do so – she was blindsided by Trustee Blackburn one month later at the June 28th Board meeting at Emmett J. Conrad High School .

Jack Lowe had made it quite clear that he was using his office as President in a personal vendetta against Carla Ranger because she is an independent voice and had stood for principles and policies on numerous issues that Jack Lowe did not appreciate.

Trustee Lowe further proved his hostile agenda by attempting to personally prevent the election of Trustee Ranger to Second Vice President.

The word was that Trustee Carla Ranger was to be ‘punished’ by the Anglo/Hispanic Board coalition that regularly insults the African American community. First year Trustee Adam Medrano was advanced to First Vice President. First year Trustee Leigh Ann Ellis was appointed Board Policy Chair by Jack Lowe. First year Trustee Carla Ranger was sidetracked by Jack Lowe and her fellow black Trustees.

Trustee Blackburn had given his personal commitment that he was supporting Trustee Carla Ranger and would nominate her for Second Vice President. This was well known.

Instead, Lew Blackburn walked into the Board meeting on June 28, 2007 and accepted a nomination to the position of Second Vice President from Trustee Jerome Garza – the same person who had nominated an absent Ron Price the month before.

Trustee Blackburn did not decline as he had done just one month previously when nominated by Leigh Ann Ellis for the very same position. He did not nominate Carla Ranger as he had previously stated. Instead, he blindsided his fellow Board colleague who fully trusted him.

This time Lew Blackburn was again elected to the same position he had held twice before – Trustee Carla Ranger even voted for him – in spite of his public switch that served the agenda of those who sought to deny her election.

Lew Blackburn even spoke briefly with Carla Ranger just prior to the Board meeting but never mentioned a word of his coming political change of support.

Trustee Carla Ranger now knows Trustee Lew Blackburn did not keep his commitment. Further, he hasn’t said a word to her about it. She had supported him when no one else would. She trusted him and thought he was a man of his word.

Perhaps, it is a very important lesson in Dallas ISD Politricks.

Did Lew Blackburn willingly participate in the scheme of certain Anglo and Hispanics Trustees to block the election of Carla Ranger?

Why the last minute switch? Why did Lew Blackburn fail to keep his commitment?

Carla Ranger would have stood with Trustee Blackburn against all odds and did so by nominating him for President of the Board.

Did Lew Blackburn break his word in the interest of Anglos (especially Jack Lowe) and certain Hispanics who were both desperate and determined to prevent Carla Ranger’s election?

It was Trustee Carla Ranger who shortly after her election to the School Board proposed a policy to remove the requirement that Principals speak Spanish as a condition of employment. As a result, Principals are no longer required to speak Spanish in Dallas ISD.

Trustees Jerome Garza and Edwin Flores publicly attacked Carla Ranger in the newspapers Al Dia and the Dallas Observer.

Trustee District 6 (Carla Ranger) was later attacked during the Wilmer Hutchins Redistricting by Trustee Jerome Garza with the support of Ron Price, Jack Lowe, Nancy Bingham, and Edwin Flores. Garza used the Wilmer-Hutchins redistricting to place one of his main former Hispanic political opponents – Ramiro Lopez – into Trustee Carla Ranger’s district. Ramiro Lopez believes this was a part of a scheme by Jerome Garza to set another political plan in motion.

Ron Price supported the adoption of the very same Wilmer-Hutchins redistricting map that Jerome Garza desired. Board hired redistricting lawyer Rolondo Rios tried to hide the fact that the map had been requested by Jerome Garza. The lawyer first stated he couldn’t remember who requested the map – then refused to reveal the source of the rip-off map by claiming attorney client privilege before the full Board when directly questioned about it by Trustee Carla Ranger.

Of course, it was again Trustee Ron Price who joined Anglo and Hispanic Trustees in opposing the effort of the remaining black Trustees to have a final public hearing for the former Wilmer-Hutchins parents and students North of I-20 – where the majority of the former Wilmer-Hutchins stakeholders actually lived.

In spite of the vote of a majority of the Dallas ISD Trustees not to have that final Wilmer-Hutchins public hearing, a community meeting was still arranged and on very short notice became the most well-attended of all.

Long term this would not matter greatly except for the fact that political integrity or the lack thereof is a very big issue on the Dallas School Board.

The control of blacks by the hostile agendas of others does matter because there can be no effective action without a reliable basis of trust.

It is an issue the community needs to watch very closely.

Trustee Blackburn, why did you not keep your word given to your colleague – Carla Ranger – who stood up for you?

You have provided absolutely no explanation of what appears to be your very last minute public political trick (poli-trick).

And so it was …


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